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A Brief Hiatus

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If anyone out there is reading, Citizen Historian is undergoing some changes at the moment. We hope to be up and running as soon as possible with a redefined scope and purpose. The… »

Researching History: Libraries in Hanoi, Vietnam

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by Mok Mei Feng

There are several libraries in Hanoi, like university libraries and institute libraries. Over the summer, I visited three of them.

Vien Han-Nom (Institute of Han-Nom Studies)

183 Dang Tien Dong street

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs—0830-1145 hrs, 1400-1615 hrs; Friday—0830-1145 hrs

The Vien Han-Nom houses manuscripts dating from around the fourteenth century to circa. 1945. As the institute’s… »

Shedding Some Light: Time and Tide

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Kota Bahru

Story and pictures by Kevin Lee This story was first published at the MyStory portal, an initiative by the Public Education Division of the National Heritage Board. I allowed Sang Nila Utama safe passage to Singapore after he yielded his crown as tribute. At that time, the island was called “Temasik”, but he renamed it… »

The Photography of Yip Cheong Fun

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by Zhou Zhong Yip Cheong Fun (叶畅芬, 1903-1989) was a distinguished and influential Singaporean documentary photographer. Renowned internationally for his seascapes, Yip also recorded through his photographs the many different facets of Singapore life with his keen eye and humanistic… »

David Marshall: His Thoughts and Convictions

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by Kevin Khoo This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of David Marshall (1908–1995), the celebrated Singapore nationalist, politician, lawyer and diplomat. Born on 12 March 1908 into a Sephardic Jew family, Marshall rose to prominence in the… »

Mental Health in Singapore: Into the Twentieth Century

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by Tan Mei Yan  Continuing The First Hospital for the Mentally Ill The Grand Jury made their last Presentment on 18 October 1865, and was abolished by Ordinace VI on 1873 passed on 9 September 1873 (Lee 1978, 204). At… »

Mental Health in Singapore: The First Hospital for the Mentally Ill (1841-1928)

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by Tan Mei Yan  Continuing The Early Years (1819-1840) Completed in 1841, the Insane Hospital was situated at the corner of Bras Basah Road and Bencoolen Street (Ng 2001, 9; IMH 2003, 16). In spite of the unfortunate death that occurred,… »

Mental Health in Singapore: The Early Years (1819-1840)

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by Tan Mei Yan Mental health in Singapore has its roots in the West. The first medical personnel in the field were mostly from Britain. Medical education in the early years was almost exclusively for the British, until the establishment… »

The Makers and Keepers of Singapore History

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Tangent Special Issue, 6 (2), 2007, edited by Loh Kah Seng Synopsis In this special issue of Tangent, the twelve contributors will examine an oft untold side of history. What follow are our reflections on ongoing or recently-completed research into… »